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Jacob Rennaker








“The Smallest Star”

A tiny star must act much larger to stop a surprising threat to all starkind.

“The Life and Death (and everything in-between) of Fairies”

The first child accidentally created fairies. It was the second child who discovered how to get rid of them for good.

After Neverland: The Awfully Big Adventure of a Very Lost Boy

A misfit Lost Boy must cross the mysterious Neverland Below and face a shadowy monster to find where he truly belongs.


“Not Another Chosen One”

Countless “chosen ones” have walked the Rainbow Roads and failed to save Slumberland. Why would this boy be any different?

“The Man in the Tattered Suit”

Without fail, the same old man shows up when patients go comatose. And most of the time, they recover. This might be the last time.

“The Dream Quest of Iris Jane”

A girl must face a dark figure if she ever hopes to take control of her dreams.


“The Slumbering Giant”

A small town’s greed rouses an unimaginable force.

“The Sacrifice”

When a strange fog settles on his town, a country priest must decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice to save his people from an menacing figure only he can see.

“Terrible Twos”

The toddler uprising is here. And it’s not cute.


Rebel Sword

When an army from another dimension invades Pluto, a military maintenance worker finds that his obsession with ancient 20th-century fantasy stories isn’t so useless, after all.

Crimson Strike

Our military maintenance worker-turned hero returns with his ragtag team to defend Neptune’s moons against a transdimensional strike force of…vampires and werewolves?

Wizards War

Our hero must convince his estranged teammates to join him for one last mission –to stop a team of magic wand-wielding villains before they apparate an entire Dominion army.