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Courses Taught

New Testament: The Gospels, Spring-Fall 2014, Winter 2015 (BYU)

  • This course began with an extensive survey of the historical, political, cultural, and religious background of the world that produced the gospels. Each gospel was examined individually for unique themes and literary techniques, and students were required to write an essay highlighting these differences and how these differences inform their own understanding of early Christianity.

Religion in a World Setting: Christianity and Mormonism in Great Britain, Winter 2013 (BYU-London Centre)

  • This course surveyed the religious history of Great Britain from its first inhabitants, through introduction and development of Christianity, and up to the religious reformations in the early 19th century. The introduction of Mormonism was situated within this context, following which the contributions of British missionaries and converts to Mormonism as a whole were identified and discussed.

The Book of Mormon, Summer-Fall 2013 (BYU)

  • This course explored the narrative of the first half of the Mormonism’s foundational text. Bringing in perspectives from a number of religious traditions, this interdisciplinary approach aimed to expand the interpretive possibilities of the Book of Mormon. In addition to regular writing assignments, students were required to create a final project that involved interpreting or re-interpreting some aspect of the Book of Mormon narrative in light of their own areas of academic, literary, or artistic expertise.

Teaching Assistantships

Introduction to the New Testament, Spring 2009 (UW)

  • During this course, I consulted closely with Professor Michael Williams regarding the subjects taught each week.  However, I was largely responsible for the organization of my lesson plans.  I was responsible for grading a number of essay assignments, as well as administering and grading the examinations for each of my three classes (about 80 students total).  I also met regularly with students outside of class to answer questions, review essays, and prepare them for examinations.

Introduction to Western Religions, Autumn 2008 (UW)

  • Given the large amount of material covered by this course, I met frequently with Professor Jim Wellman and the other Teaching Assistants to coordinate lesson plans.  Throughout the course, I was responsible for updating the course website, which included posting frequent course-related announcements and additional study materials.  In addition, I was responsible for administering and grading regular quizzes, reading response assignments, and examinations for each of my three classes (about 90 students total), and performing a review session outside of class to prepare students for exams.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Autumn 2007 (UW)

  • For the duration of this course, I had a great deal of freedom in creating lesson plans and determining which subjects I would focus on in my teaching.  As a result, I often spent a great deal of time gathering information and resources for my classes that were not included in the general course materials.  I was responsible for generating and grading bi-weekly quizzes for both of my classes (about 50 students total), as well as administering and grading examinations.

Part-time Instructor, Seattle Institute of Religion, Autumn 2008 – Spring 2009

  • I created and taught courses on the Gospel of Matthew and the Acts of the Apostles, meeting twice a week with each class.  For both of these courses, I was responsible for formulating the syllabi, determining the course schedules, and creating lesson plans.