***To view my Statement of Research Interests, click here.

The following are my general areas of research:

  • Temple imagery in ancient Near Eastern texts and iconography
  • Temple imagery in Early Modern European texts
  • Ancient Cosmology
  • Creation Narratives
  • History of Interpretation
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • Mormon Theology

Research Assistantships

  • Research Assistant for Professor Tammi Schneider (Claremont Graduate University), 2010-2011: Assistance in proofing and indexing her recently published book An Introduction to Mesopotamian Religion
  • Independent Research Assistant for Professor John Welch (Brigham Young University), 2010-2011: Research on Adam and Eden imagery in the New Testament, Paul and Wealth, and the Jesus / Moses typology of the Sistine Chapel wall frescoes
  • Research Assistant for Professor Scott Noegel (University of Washington), 2008-2009:  Research on dreams and omens in the ancient Near East; assistance in proofing his recently published book Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs
  • Research Assistant for Professor Dana Pike (Brigham Young University), 2006-2007: Research on comparative “Divine Election” texts from the ancient Near East
  • Research Assistant for Professor Jared Ludlow (Brigham Young Univesrity), 2006: Research on Egyptian “Judgment Scene” motifs in the Testament of Abraham